February 19-25, 2019.

Great racing this past weekend to those who went to Drayton Valley and to those who participated in the Duathlon!! Fingers crossed that Drayton Valley will be able to host another race next year as it was excellent!! Congratulations everyone!

Tuesday: Skate Skiing- with a lot of the big races over, we have some technique work to do and some preparation work for the coming races that we have left. We will be 'registering' for the Wapiti-irkie so please know if you're participating or not. Details below.

Thursday: Classic Skiing- dress warmly please as the temperature will drop quite quickly this evening. Distance ski without stopping is our goal.

Saturday: Meet in the timing tower to prepare. We will be doing our annual Jackrabbit/Beckie Scott Sprints volunteering. All race team members are to wear what Teamwear they have and can share with others. Please don't worry if you don't have any- the more the merrier is all. :D Some of the team will be leading, some will be a…
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