Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 15-21, 2018.

Well, let's hope that the really cold weather is behind us and we can have some normalcy with ski team practices!!

Thank you for your understanding about the race cancelations this weekend. Biathlon races have been cancelled due to no snow around the province and they needed to host their trials for Arctic Winter Games. We just didn't find out about it until later than hoped!

Our Arctic Winter Game trials are in Red Deer on Friday AND Saturday. Please make sure everyone knows about this- it seems to be getting missed.

PLEASE REGISTER! There are 7 athletes who said they were coming and aren't registered yet. Registration closes on Tuesday, Jan 16th at midnight. Register here.

Tuesday: We will be on snow from 5:45-6:30 and then preparing skis for Red Deer. When preparing skis, please wax with rex blue or CH6 and scrape your skis. Waxing is outdoors this weekend. :) There will also be supper at the lodge- please check the sign-up to see if your name is on it!

Thursday: Meet at the Red Deer River Bend Golf Course to be on snow for 2:00pm. If you need to change and get ready, please make time for this. This will be your opportunity to practice your race courses for all three days.

Friday: Race is Skate Sprints- and qualifiers are at 9am. Heats will be set out later and times will be posted on team snap as they come out. Team supper has been organized by Mary-Ann (thank you) and will be at the Baymont Inn and Suites. Supper is set for 5:30 and we have the room until 9pm for games. Bring some if you have any! Day 1: Arctic Winter Games Trials

Saturday: Race is Classic Distance. Distances are on the race notice. Skis will be ready hopefully an hour before you race. If you need your skis early, please let Claire know. Day 2: Arctic Winter Games Trials

Sunday: Team relay- Skate distance. Relay teams will be put together based on the results from the previous two days.