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March 23- March 29, 2015.

Sigh… it seems that this is the last week of the season!!!! This year went by so quickly! Canmore has sadly been cancelled and so, THIS THURSDAY will be our team windup event (awards, games…). Please ensure you read all the details below as there's a few things we need to accomplish this week.

EVERYONE: Please bring your current WNSC suit and jackets and any gear from AWG 2012 that you have= the warmup coat and everything. I need to order sizes for next year and need to size you guys up (ish) on Tuesday. Megan and Nick this also means you!

Tuesday- Will be our official last day of skiing. Come prepared to work really hard with intervals etc… you know the usual drill! ;) I think I just heard you all groan reading that. Each one of you needs to show up with a game in mind and we will do it. There will be a bit of skiing required. I highly recommend you come to wax your skis with some summer wax (something really warm and thick) for the end of the season.

Thursday- This will be our offi…