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November 17-23, 2014.

HEADLAMPS- Please don't forget these, it's a safety concern!!

As always, in the beginning of the season there's lots to cover as well as preparing for race season. I have advanced technique work to do with the older athletes, preparation for the races with the middle aged athletes and general technique to work on with the younger athletes… on top of this, we need to recap waxing and spend some time with EVERYONE recapping how we should wax our skis. Last year there was a lot of skis (senior and junior) that were not up to my (and should be your) standards. SO… things to go over and get done. I will need your patience and attention and a few adult bodies on Thursday to help me out this week please.

Tuesday: Waxing session- 5:15-6pm athletes only; On snow for 6:15-7pm skating.

Thursday: Skating practice- splitting up into 3 groups. Each group will be with me for 30 minutes and then skiing around in their group. I will need 2 other parents for this session please. The first 30 …