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Week of January 23-30, 2012

Wow!! Westerns were amazing and congratulations to Megan, Fluffy, Sophie and Nikki on AMAZING racing!! Congrats to Nick on a bronze medal finish in the classic distance, great sprinting with everyone qualifying, a top 1/3 finish for Megan in the free distance, perfect finishing technique by Zach and a clinic put on by Josh with fantastic uphill technique. Guess who's going to be leading some of our up and coming sessions...

SO: first things first... Who is racing in the Calforex this weekend? I need to know do that training will be appropriate. For those biathletes this is an important race. For those XC Skiers this is a great opportunity to shoot some guns (ahem... Rifles) and practice some great racing. Who's in? Email me please this is important.

NEXT: It has been brought to my attention that your fitness test results aren't as high as they were. This needs to change. It has also been identified that there are some serious areas that we need to practice to make you all…