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Week of Nov 28-Dec 3, 2011.

I can't believe this is it!! Our first races in Canmore, December is upon us, AND we don't have snow, AGAIN!!!:(  This week my expectations for the team is to get out for a 30 min jog on your own on Monday and Wednesday. This should be easy and zone 2 max. Meaning- you should be able to talk the whole time without huffing and puffing.

Tuesday: 5:45-7:30.

5:45- waxing with Claire- we will be doing proper technique, proper process, and parents are welcome to watch but not help please. I realize that we don't have enough time during practice to go over waxing so we can use this no snow junk for learning time. :) Everyone needs a refresher and so I expect you to be there. We will be starting on Skate skis and moving to classic skis. Bring your wax boxes please and am hoping if you have Rex blue to bring it please. We don't have as much as I thought we did so we need to use it sparingly.

6:45- supper. In theory we should be done both sets of skis by this time but am guessing…