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January 23-29, 2017.

Great job on training this week!

If you weren't at the 6pac today you missed out on a valuable lesson… sprint racing requires a very high, quick tempo, which those who raced today were able to execute beautifully due to the tedious metronome training that I've been putting you guys through. Although some of you were feeling very disheartened with the training and not being able to keep up to the ticks- today it paid off and I'm super proud!! The rest of you can show off in Red Deer next weekend! :) 

*I have a few orphans requiring a ride down Friday morning- if you have room please email Claire

Tuesday: Classic- will be more training on sprint racing and fighting for your spot… and starts. We will be in the stadium for most of practice.

Thursday: Skate- some hill technique and one skate and you guys are ready for Red Deer! Practice is over at 6:15 and waxing skis from here on in plus team dinner.

Red Deer Preparation:

Please wax both sets of skis with rex blue. If you're a…