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December 1-9, 2014.

Thank you everyone for being flexible and rolling with the weather (and everything it brought with it) that we've received in the past 7 days!

Canmore was rescheduled for this coming weekend. So far Bardak's, Lundstrom's and Pruden's will be attending. IF there is anyone else, please call me so that details can be figured out.

IMPORTANT: On February 21 & 22 Grande Prairie is hosting the Alberta Special Olympic Winter Games and the ski club is hosting the skiing. At the beginning of the year I put this out a mandatory team volunteer (Volun-told) experience, parents are encouraged as well to help. Please ensure that you're names are down to volunteer by contacting Grant Bourree: and confirm your numbers. Again, this is a MANDATORY TEAM EVENT which was introduced to everyone at the beginning of the year.

REMINDER- if the temperature is below -15oC we will be classic skiing unless I state otherwise (i.e.: we're prepping for an import…