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November 25- December 1, 2013.

A huge shout out and a cowbell ring to all the racers today!! Loved seeing all the uniforms out and other coloured bodies for the race today! Congratulations to you racers and a HUGE thank you to your parents for putting it on and being superstar timers with their iPhones verses our dead-battery equipment. :)
CandyCaneLaneReminder: Candy canes are to be consumed by the Race Team once a week, after training sessions on Saturday only… Santa can only train so much with his reindeer and there are some little cute kids who require that motivation and some parents (yes, I'm one of them) who require that motivation for their kids to ski… so please do not be alarmed if I (or any of the parents/coaches) start handing out 40 burpies for ANY extra candy canes that are consumed or touched any other time. Also, please DO NOT relocate them/hide them, it makes it very difficult for the little cute kids to find these- unless of cou…