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December 12-18, 2016.

Well, warmer temperatures are coming in the forecast, sort of… but we all need to be diligent in dressing appropriately for the weather still and buffs, water bottles and headlamps need to be worn.

Please read all the notes:

1. Please register for Hinton no later than Wednesday evening. Registration closes at 11:59 on Wednesday.

2. Please email me if you're attending Hinton or not. Mika is the only athlete registered so far… It makes for a lonely weekend with only 1 kid!! :D PARENTS: If you can help out and volunteer- please email:

3. Team suppers- please check on the online form that Mary-Ann Lynch sent out prior to Canmore and see if you've signed up. If you haven't, please do so. 

4. 6 pacs- we've officially missed 2 races now due to snow conditions and cold (ironic I know) and need to make these up- or we call it a 4 pac… I&…