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December 30, 2013- January 5th, 2014.

Please ensure that you're registered for the Alberta Winter Games if you will be competing!! See the email that I sent out.

Please register for the races this weekend before the deadline:

Please read the race notice:

Please read this blog entirely from start to end and don't skip on any details- it's all important!

Alright- great training this past week, a few more days and maybe we'll have worked out that turkey and other non-athlete foods that you've consumed over the holidays will be out of your systems!!! Me included. :)

Tuesday: Will be cold outside so dress warmly. We will be classic skiing as there's no way that the groomers are going to be able to keep up with all this ridiculous amount of amazing, wonderful snow that we're getting!!! SO- training will begin in the lodge at 1:00 to discuss this week's process and then will move outdoors for some training. Train…