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March 27-April 7, 2017.


"They" say that as you get older each season/year passes more and more quickly… I don't think I can get much older, because this year just flew by!!! :(      Hold the dinosaur comments… please!

This is the last blog of the season… and will be edited as details get sorted for the windup party.

Tuesday- Skate

Thursday- Skate- this will be our last practice of the season.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: If you are intending your athlete(s) to be on the team for the 2017/18 season, there will be a MANDATORY parent meeting April 7 upon drop-off of the athletes 5:45-6:45. This is an important meeting to discuss what direction the team is going in for next year etc. Please come with paper and pen in hand.

April 7/8 = year end windup party for the team. It is a sleepover party, we were thinking of showing "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" (someone needs to bring a projector) (and a few kids need to make sure that they can watch it- it's PG13).
Wind-up party st…