Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 27-April 7, 2017.


"They" say that as you get older each season/year passes more and more quickly… I don't think I can get much older, because this year just flew by!!! :(      Hold the dinosaur comments… please!

This is the last blog of the season… and will be edited as details get sorted for the windup party.

Tuesday- Skate

Thursday- Skate- this will be our last practice of the season.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: If you are intending your athlete(s) to be on the team for the 2017/18 season, there will be a MANDATORY parent meeting April 7 upon drop-off of the athletes 5:45-6:45. This is an important meeting to discuss what direction the team is going in for next year etc. Please come with paper and pen in hand.

April 7/8 = year end windup party for the team. It is a sleepover party, we were thinking of showing "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" (someone needs to bring a projector) (and a few kids need to make sure that they can watch it- it's PG13).
Wind-up party start- 5:30pm

Hotdog supper- we will need 2 doz buns, there are lots of hotdogs
Veggies- a veggie tray would be great
Cake- Liam is bringing dessert
Snacks- popcorn, chips, pop, candy… everything that I say no to all year long are welcome to this windup

Followed by games, movie, sleep, bring your own breakfast, clean up and pickup by 10am Saturday as the AGM is starting at 11am. This is the gist of the evening- I believe headlamps are a must (or glow-sticks) and more details to come...

Have a great summer and play hard! I'll see you in the beginning of September- around the 7th.