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January 6-January 12, 2014.

Super great to party with you guys at Coris' house! Thank you North, Davis and Coris for putting on a great party! Hope you guys stayed warm this chilly weekend and now we need to move forward as we have lots to train for!!!:)

Congratulations to everyone who raced!! Well done to all!

The Alberta Winter Games team:
(that we know so far- the people on the draw list will be placed hopefully within the coming week)

Mini-Midget Girls:
Hannah Lundstrom & Katie Bardak

Midget Girls:
Nicole Staples

Midget Boys:
Alex Malmsten, Jordan Lundstrom & Lyndon Brough

Juvenile Girls:
Emilie Davis

Juvenile Boys:
Zachary Malmsten, Patrick Davis & Mathieu Davis

Draw List:
Makena Pruden, Isabelle Hansen-Yang, Grace Bertozzi & Miranda Hopkins
Donovan Wallace, Kelan Lynch & Reese Switzer.

The Arctic Winter Games team: To Be Determined still. :)

Tuesday: It's going to be chilly- but the good news is that it's forecasted to snow… be prepared…