Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 6-January 12, 2014.

Super great to party with you guys at Coris' house! Thank you North, Davis and Coris for putting on a great party! Hope you guys stayed warm this chilly weekend and now we need to move forward as we have lots to train for!!!:)

Congratulations to everyone who raced!! Well done to all!

The Alberta Winter Games team:
(that we know so far- the people on the draw list will be placed hopefully within the coming week)

Mini-Midget Girls:
Hannah Lundstrom & Katie Bardak

Midget Girls:
Nicole Staples

Midget Boys:
Alex Malmsten, Jordan Lundstrom & Lyndon Brough

Juvenile Girls:
Emilie Davis

Juvenile Boys:
Zachary Malmsten, Patrick Davis & Mathieu Davis

Draw List:
Makena Pruden, Isabelle Hansen-Yang, Grace Bertozzi & Miranda Hopkins
Donovan Wallace, Kelan Lynch & Reese Switzer.

The Arctic Winter Games team: To Be Determined still. :)

Tuesday: It's going to be chilly- but the good news is that it's forecasted to snow… be prepared to classic. :D (And shovel)

Thursday: Is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!!!! Yay to skate skiing again- finally, and to a fabulous workout. Bring your water bottle and be ready to work hard!

Saturday: More snow, but we will try to skate again. Be prepared for a long, no stopping, even speed over a long distance ski- i.e.: Bring a snack and a full water bottle. Juniors and Juveniles will stick-ish together for this workout. Please write this down as I want to make sure you do the right workout!! Start with Burgess, Bootloop, Right at Big Antler Junction to the North parking lot where you will keep going straight onto North Blue, ski the camel back hills to little antler junction and 1/2 moon, up big dipper, down onto Sun Dog and around claw ridge, left onto Sidestream and up the lower 5km trails back into the lodge. This is 22km and will need to be done with even, zone 3 skiing, always ski with a partner and don't split up from your partner. Midgets/ Mini Midgets will ski Burgess, boot loop, 1/2 moon, big dipper, sun dog, claw ridge and highway 40 (lower electric avenue) for a total of 13.5km. It's a big day but I know you guys will be able to do it all!!
*I will need parent help this day please- skiing with the Midgets and Mini Midgets.

Sunday: If you get a chance I'd recommend a classic ski around full electric avenue please in zone 1.