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March 6-12, 2017.

Championships were amazing!! Thank you everyone for all of your assistance to have such a successful weekend! 
Team Wapiti is amazing and has always been! As a coach, it's a great feeling when I have other coaches coming up to me all weekend to ask about our team, or compliment you athletes on how great you guys are not just in speed but in support of each other… so thank you! Thank you for being a great group this year and motivational across the province. :D It doesn't go unnoticed and I don't say it often enough- you're all super awesome!

A huge congrats to Zoe who got a gold in the North American SnowShoeing Championships on the plains of Abraham in Quebec this past weekend as well!! We look forward to hearing about your trip when you get back!

This week- most of the team are post season and there's a few who will be still ramping things up for nationals- so we're all going to support those who are going to Nationals AND prepare for the the remaining 6 PAC r…