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October 26 - November 1, 2015.

Senior Team:

The longer practices are great- thank you everyone for making concessions to staying that extra hour- it helps and we got a lot done today. A few things to note-

1. please discuss with your parents (if they're footing the bill for the hoodies) that they will cost about $65. This includes a sizing kit so that you can purchase a hoodie that fits you, or one size larger- with your nickname on it. They will be the polyester dark grey (charcoal) with red enhancements and red logo-ing on it. Names will be in either red or white and the wapiti logo will be in colour. Junior sizes are available in this hoodie vs a cotton version for a bit cheaper- which doesn't come in junior sizing.

2. start carting your shortest pair of poles around with you- even shorter than your classic pair, if you own such a thing. We will be using them- weather dependent.

3. This week is Hallowe'en and with it comes snow!! Next week we will also have the time change and with that there are a few …