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January 20-26th, 2014

Please register on for the Alberta Cup Races in Red Deer. Yes, it's warm there but we're still planning on going as they also had lots of snow before the warm weather and as much as I dislike klister… we'll be using it! If you haven't indicated that you're attending the races or not attending the races to Randy or myself- please do so ASAP- we need to know if you're coming or not coming. It's a great event and will be a lot of fun as it's been years, I mean years, since a race was hosted in Red Deer!! Very exciting!

Tuesday: Be prepared to stay until 8:00pm. Skis will be waxed and prepped at training in two groups. When you get to the lodge please start cleaning your classic skis and waxing them with Rex Blue and LF 8 or CH8 unless you're a juvenile or junior- then only do Rex blue. Your wax will be determined once we get to Red Deer. :) I will then have the juveniles and juniors go for a skate ski- and the midgets will continue to work …