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Showing posts from March 9, 2014

March 10- March 23, 2014.

You read this right- this is a two week blog as I won't be accessing the blog while I'm away.

I'm not sure where time is going but it's FLYING BY!!! SO much to do and so much to prepare for still, so bare with me and this blog please.

Tuesday (11): Swim suit edition FOR SURE!!! We will start out with the swimsuit photos and then move into training. Be ready to workout together after our photo-shoot please- so have clothes to throw on so that we can get to work. We will need a parent or two to take pictures please?! The rest come ready to show off those sexy white legs we have!! Except bushwhacker of course- she's still got Hawaii written all over her!:) I know I said that Saturday was the end of our week 3 and hard practices… we have sprints to do still and it'll be skate skiing. :D

Thursday(13): The AWG group will be going for a 30 minute ski in groups of 5. One group will be out skiing for 30 minutes and the other will be prepping gear and vice versa. Rex blue …