Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 10- March 23, 2014.

You read this right- this is a two week blog as I won't be accessing the blog while I'm away.

I'm not sure where time is going but it's FLYING BY!!! SO much to do and so much to prepare for still, so bare with me and this blog please.

Tuesday (11): Swim suit edition FOR SURE!!! We will start out with the swimsuit photos and then move into training. Be ready to workout together after our photo-shoot please- so have clothes to throw on so that we can get to work. We will need a parent or two to take pictures please?! The rest come ready to show off those sexy white legs we have!! Except bushwhacker of course- she's still got Hawaii written all over her!:) I know I said that Saturday was the end of our week 3 and hard practices… we have sprints to do still and it'll be skate skiing. :D

Thursday(13): The AWG group will be going for a 30 minute ski in groups of 5. One group will be out skiing for 30 minutes and the other will be prepping gear and vice versa. Rex blue will need to be applied to skis but NOT taken off. Prep skis properly and if you don't know what that means- please ask. The rest of the team will be going for a group SKATE ski on the lower 5km trail and do 2 laps of the lower loop before venturing up to the lit loop and finishing their ski. I will need parental assistance with this group please.

Saturday(15): long slow ski- I recommend centre blue for this workout. Also, I recommend bringing a water bottle and snack. NOW- if you're planning on doing the loppet- then go for a 45 minute easy ski and do the loppet on Sunday! Push yourself and try the 10 or 20km. Just bring your water bottle and snacks for this one please! Have fun!! The Arctic Winter Games team leaves today: be at the airport for 11:30am please.

Sunday(16): Svensgaard Loppet!

Tuesday(18): If there's still snow to ski on, I'm assuming that it will be skate skiing weather. With parental support- I recommend intervals this day as we're still preparing for Sharkfest and need to get in some sprints and hill work.

Thursday(20): Skate- and a special workout will be provided this day for the team. Come with a good sense of adventure and a water bottle.

Saturday(22): Similar workout to the previous Saturday. If you can classic- go for it. If not, then skate and if need be- use the rock skis from the club. :S How quickly the snow melts.

I will be back in Grande Prairie on Sunday, March 23 and will update the blog that evening. 

Please remember that Sharkfest is the following weekend- with everyone leaving Grande Prairie on the Thursday evening hopefully and everyone being in Canmore for Friday to have a ski at Mt. Shark in the afternoon. Details to come on Tuesday, March 25 as we prep our skis and prep the kids for these races. Parent meeting will be Tuesday the 25th around 6pm while the kids are prepping their skis. If supper could be put together for this evening that would be really appreciated.

Thank you everyone for your support and assistance while I'm away for Arctics.