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March 20-26, 2017

Great job with the posters today crew and the downhill dash!! We still have a long way to catch up with Nathan… but that's ok- we can do it!! ;D

This week is making sure we jam in all the sessions we haven't done yet, just in case all the snow is gone by next week. My intention is to try and ski next week still… We shall see. :(

Tuesday- Swimsuit ski. Although next Tuesday looks way warmer than this Tuesday… there may not be any snow- so let's take our chances!! Photos at 5:45- ski until 7. Skate skiing- we said good bye to our classic skis last week. :( Please make sure you summer wax your skis- something warm and cheap should be put on them.

Thursday- Bring-a-friend to practice. We will be on skate skis- but have the fish scales for the newbies. And each needs to bring $10 as I've never realized that they need to pay their day-use membership. I'm sorry I've never thought of this in the past.

Saturday- Skate ski- bring rock skis and keep your fingers crossed that…