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It's a new season and training has begun! Some amazing fitness test results tonight... way to go crew!!

As you can see the website has a new look... I think it looks faster which is what we're going for this year. Faster skis, faster you's (is that a word?). Check out a few new videos... A few changes this year but nothing too serious- I've handed out calendars for where to be and when for the fall training months. September has been handed out thus far.

I sent out an email a few weeks ago highlighting a few things:
1) what group your child/ren will be training in and (race team 5 will start when the skiing starts)
2) come to training tonight with your goals

I have heard from 1 family about #1 and one other family about #2. I'd like to know who will be training on the team this year and who won't be- I do not assume. Please register and email me so that I can complete the training plans for this season.

This week- today was fitness training at the lodge; Thursd…