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Nov 16-Nov 20, 2016.

I'm BAAACKKK!!!!! :D And I look forward to hearing how the past two weeks went/seeing your fitness increases!

There are a few key features in this blog- please read it all. A response is required.

1. Although there isn't any snow on the ground, the evenings are cooler and the weather no longer permits wearing shorts or short sleeves. Please show up dressed appropriately- your body needs to be covered head to toe with clothing- it's also cold/flu season and if you're not dressed appropriately you will get sick. A thin toque/head band and thin gloves, jacket, long sleeve, t-shirt, long pants, headlamp, and water bottle are a requirement. This should go without saying… but apparently a reminder needed to be sent. If we feel that you're not dressed appropriately, you will not be working out… it's not worth you getting sick over.

2. Racing in Canmore is quickly approaching and we still haven't been on snow. Jake informed me that Hinton got a dump of snow yesterday…