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March 5-11, 2018.

What a great weekend of local racing!!! Am super proud of you that were healthy and able to come and ski the distances that you chose to ski!!! We're going into a build 1 week as people are still not healthy yet and those of you who raced this weekend are tired! With a build week, we have some more skills to work on in preparation for Arctics but nothing too crazy! :D

Tuesday: Classic- we will start inside with some indoor work and then move out for some more skill work. I was impressed with last week and how quickly you all grasped the corner that we worked on.

Thursday: Skate- skill work and mostly zone 1. Mostly…

Saturday: Classic- For those of you who are healthy, we will be doing a hard, week 4, build workout. If you're not healthy and feeling stellar, then just come prepared to ski zone 1 with your water bottle and snacks for 1 hour. I know I had sent out an email about taking this weekend off in preparation for Arctics- that was blown out the window with 1/2 of the team al…