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January 28- February 3

Where is the time going?!

Great few weeks of training crew!! I'm hearing a lot of complaints of sore muscles and tired athletes. YES... my mission was accomplished for the past few weeks!:) You guys are ready to race! This week will be different in that the weather isn't cooperating with us... SOOOO.... read below carefully please!

Parents- please organize another meal for the team... there will be a few junior athletes attending but not all (I'm however unsure of whom these people will be). Sorry I can't be more clear. for the race notice.

Tuesday: It's going to be too cold to do anything. We will be waxing as many sets of skis as possible with race wax- that means classic and skate. While half of the team are downstairs waxing- the other half will be doing some stretching/yoga moves upstairs (bring a mat) and meeting with me as well. Practice will end as close to 7 as possible. Classic skis and skate skis will need to have rex blue…