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Week of Oct 4-Oct 10, 2010.

Hey Gang,

This is the plan for this week. If you have any questions please email me: Thanks.

10 min warm-up provided by Ken and Jim (?) to meet Claire at Stairway.
35 min at stairway working on technique, happy hill stamina, and double poling.
15 min cool-down returning to lodge.

10 minute warm-up provided by Jim and Randy (?)
45 minute circuit; 45 seconds on; 30 off.
5 minute stretching.

Saturday:- weather permitting
15 minute run to warm-up. This should be done at zone 1-2 where you can tell each other your life stories of the past week.
8 minutes to gear up & drink water.
Juveniles/Juniors + Nicholas:
67 minutes on roller skis which includes no stopping.
      -10 minutes without poles
      -20 minutes of equal: hot chocolate tray; candle sticks, check marking and gunslinging (one pass of
        each and rotate through the 20 minutes doing all four and then starting again).
      - 1 minute water break
      -10 minutes of skiing with pol…