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September 17-23, 2018

With winter arriving last week, you all managed really well and worked hard! Am super happy to have the initial fitness test done so that we have bench marks to build off of. Well done to those of you whom managed that stress on your bodies really well. We've also magically entered into cold season with the return of everyone to school. Please remember that working out when your sick is actually ok- there is a lot of new research out there that sweating and working through a slight illness is good for you and can help you get better sooner. IF it's a respiratory illness- then I encourage you to get out and walk or bike, but no hard running until it's cleared out. Keep forcing your kids to drink lots of water to flush out their systems and please push vitamin C in any form.

Thank you parents who attended the parent meeting. If you have any questions or concerns please ask JoAnn, Liz, Shannon or Jake. If you have any cheques owing, please hand them into Claire so tha…