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January 1-January 8, 2012


Congratulations to those out racing today! I am a very proud coach watching you guys out there pushing yourselves hard and with the finesse of true racers!! Way to go- check out the results on zone 4!!

REMINDER: These are trials for the Alberta Winter Games and Arctic Winter Games teams. Race your best, you guys are all ready for it! Bring your 'A' -game and on Sunday, we will know who is has made the team! I'm SO proud of you guys and really excited about taking you up to Whitehorse this year!!

Tuesday: Classic. Yes, we are going to classic.:) Come early to wax your skis appropriately for the tough snow conditions. We will be on snow for 5:45, off snow for 6:30 leaving you with 30 minutes to clean off your classic skis and wax them with Rex blue. IF you have enough time to scrape them, great! If not, then you will be doing this on Thursday.

Thursday: Skate. We will be going over some skate racing tactics- as on Tuesday with Classic, BUT, Edmonton skiers may …