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Week of Nov 1-7th

Hey Gang!!

Athletes, two more build weeks and then you get a rest week. For those of you on the 4th day of training plan, this will change during our rest week- keep your eyes peeled for details on this please. Well done to the majority of you who posted on the website regarding your two minute sits. We will talk about this in detail on Tuesday. Make sure you watch each of the technique videos this week and let me know on my blog that you have please. This is important for our visualization and preparation for racing 5 weeks from now!!

Parents, thank you to those of you who provided feedback regarding the blog. I will continue to use this as our method of communication. Also- please ensure your kids get their licences. I will not be checking up on this nor will I be doing any more reminders.

2 Important things:
1) WATER BOTTLES: No water bottle and holder = no training.
2) TIME CHANGE: Starting next week we will be maintaining our training times but we will need to start to bring headlamps…