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Week of Oct 24-30, 2011.

Hello Crew!

A huge congratulations to the amazing racers who ran this past weekend in the Wolves Relay Race. Great effort, great results and lots of fun!! Huge congrats to team Meathead, Coach (Joel) and Pinky on placing second in the open men's category (i.e.: racing against the college teams) !! Woot woot!! Double claps for Thing 1 (Perfect Pat) and Thing 2 (Moppy Matt) who did the relay with the two of them- Pat doing two fantastic laps of the course to make it a full relay and narrowly missing first overall by a few paces but still placing first in their category!!!! Awesome job Dave and her team on beating us and a Way-to-go for the Colourful 5%ers - Megan, Jenny and Myself for finishing in good stride and not coming in last!!:) Woohoo!! Special recognition out to Super Painting Dave- for painting up half of the faces out there on the course! It was fantastic!

So as I'm following my training plan that I've put in place for you guys I'm realizing that the latest wor…