Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 12-18, 2016.

Well, warmer temperatures are coming in the forecast, sort of… but we all need to be diligent in dressing appropriately for the weather still and buffs, water bottles and headlamps need to be worn.

Please read all the notes:

1. Please register for Hinton no later than Wednesday evening. Registration closes at 11:59 on Wednesday.

2. Please email me if you're attending Hinton or not. Mika is the only athlete registered so far… It makes for a lonely weekend with only 1 kid!! :D PARENTS: If you can help out and volunteer- please email:

3. Team suppers- please check on the online form that Mary-Ann Lynch sent out prior to Canmore and see if you've signed up. If you haven't, please do so. 

4. 6 pacs- we've officially missed 2 races now due to snow conditions and cold (ironic I know) and need to make these up- or we call it a 4 pac… I'd like feedback on this please.

5. This year's Christmas Party… due to a lack of amazing ideas on behalf of the athletes (no, sleeping outside on the deck is NOT an option…) we will have a team party during/after practice on Thursday, Dec 22. Bring a goodie (peanut free) and a $10 secret santa gift item.

Tuesday- Classic ski on the forest trails as there's a track. Come prepared. The lodge should be open but if it isn't, I should be there close to 5pm and recommend waxing your race skis with rex blue if you can come out earlier. PS- Claire has to leave early for Mika's Christmas concert...

Thursday- Classic ski- shortened practice so that we can get waxed and ready. IF you have your skis done early, please offer to wax someone else's for them to speed up the process. I may know our race wax choice by Thursday evening as well… TBD still. As we will be waxing outside, I ask you to please respect my choice, based on previous experience and knowledge, to wax some skis prior to the races. Scrape all of your skis please.

Melissa will becoming out to the ski club on Thursday to sell the ski team WNSC buffs. They're $20 if you'd like some. They make great gifts. She will be there around 7pm. 

Friday- Meet at Hinton ski club for 2-4pm training. I'd like you to ski over your course and will have you skate ski please. Waxing will be done outside- so picking our wax ahead of the races for some athletes will be done solely for the purpose of having less skis to wax outside.


See Thursday- above. As many of you indicated that you would be attending the races in Strathcona, coach Caroline will be joining us in Hinton, so there will be no practice on Sunday. I completely understand if you have a change of heart in regards to coming to Hinton for races or not coming- please email either way so that I know. See you all Thursday.