Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of January 23-30, 2012

Wow!! Westerns were amazing and congratulations to Megan, Fluffy, Sophie and Nikki on AMAZING racing!! Congrats to Nick on a bronze medal finish in the classic distance, great sprinting with everyone qualifying, a top 1/3 finish for Megan in the free distance, perfect finishing technique by Zach and a clinic put on by Josh with fantastic uphill technique. Guess who's going to be leading some of our up and coming sessions...

SO: first things first... Who is racing in the Calforex this weekend? I need to know do that training will be appropriate. For those biathletes this is an important race. For those XC Skiers this is a great opportunity to shoot some guns (ahem... Rifles) and practice some great racing. Who's in? Email me please this is important.

NEXT: It has been brought to my attention that your fitness test results aren't as high as they were. This needs to change. It has also been identified that there are some serious areas that we need to practice to make you all stronger racers. I will identify some areas here. IF you think that you would like to add to the list this is your chance. Note below areas that you would like to work on. This list exhaustive BUT we only have a few weeks left to work with.

- speed: on downhills, finishes
- passing during a race
- racing and when tired or exhausted finding that other gear to race to the finish.
- not falling during sprint races (right boys?:) )
- being aggressive on the race course
- downhill corners
- sprints with aggression ie: more cross-cross
- classic technique
- keeping your poles on during races (right Nikki & Meg?)
- mass races- how to race smart
- sprint starts
- startline warmup
- one-skate/ two-skate transitioning
- maintaining focus during a race. Not worrying about the racers around you who have fallen etc
- race wax feedback
- shooting the line- with the right foot right Meg...
- recognizing how awesome you guys are for being racers and for putting yourselves out there!!
- your additions... Email them to me.

Tuesday: Burpies- a bunch of you owe me a lot of Burpies from various events. If your name is below you will be joining your fellow athletes in the Burpie song. If your name isn't on the list you get to watch. Megan, Nick, Mathieu, John, Sophie and I think that's it. Classic and bring lots of energy!!

Thursday: technique day. We will be doing a lot of technique stuff and working on the list above. This would be an important practice to not miss.

As Calforex is both days and a lot of you have identified that you will be racing there is no practice. IF you aren't racing email me and I will plan something specific for you. Those not racing should also plan for a ski on Sunday for a minimum of an hour. See you all on Tuesday!!!:)