Pre Training Health Assessment Form

September 23-29, 2017

Hey Crew!

One more build week and then we're into rest week... Yes, I'll be nicer next week! :D  Congratulations to those who ran in the race this past weekend at the trails- I hope everyone had a good time!!

Tuesday- looks like we will be getting wet. Please dress appropriately and meet at Muskoseepi. You will need water bottles for this workout and we will be getting wet- so don't wear anything brand new and fancy! Gloves and toques are recommended.

Thursday- out at the lodge- bring water bottles and be ready to work up a storm!!

Saturday- meet at Bertozzi's- for directions, see last week's blog please. 10-12.

A heads up for next week- practice on Tuesday will end at 6pm for BOTH teams. Please plan accordingly.