Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Nov 14-Nov 20, 2011

Hello Race Team

For those of you who weren't at training on Friday- we are going to be spending the next 2-3 weeks working on speed and tempo. Bring your A game!!:) Bring headlamps and water bottles please. Who is interested in having a ski sizing evening to ensure your gear is appropriate for this year? Please email me. We will get on this asap. Also, if you have older racing gear perhaps we can size it up with another athlete and then what is left over sell at the open house at the open house.

Tuesday: We are doing our fitness test on Tuesday. We need to see how fit you guys are now with all this working out and how much I can push you!! Tuesday is important to come so that I can gauge the next 3 weeks appropriately.

Thursday: IF there isn't snow on the ground we will be meeting a the LEGION TRACK. If there's snow then we are at the lodge. Snow means: you require a shovel to move it (3 inches worth). If it's snowing on Thursday we will still be at the Legion Track (by Leisure Centre).

Saturday: We will meet at the lodge regardless of the weather please.:) Have a great week.