Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of: November 7-13

It's rest week time!!! Although it implies resting- this is an active rest week- i.e.: you still need to work out just not as hard! Decrease your hours and very low intensity. Great work everyone with this 6 week cycle!!

Tuesday: We are meeting at the lodge for 5:30. It's going to be dark by 6. Bring a head lamp if you have one please and warm clothes as the temperature drops significantly when the sun goes down. We will be doing the large group circuit in the stadium.

Thursday: Bring headlamps and water bottles in a holder- it's a long group- random run adventure.:)

Friday: 1-4pm team workout. Meet at the lodge- we will be going over everything that I don't have time to go over with you guys during normal training time.

Saturday: I wasn't going to have you guys training this day as we are doing 3 hours on Friday- let me know what you would like- I can train this day too- even if it's for an hour. Feedback required for this!

Enjoy your active rest week!