Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Nov 26- Dec 2

Wow! What a great day of racing team!! I saw some awesome downhill racing positions, some awesome technique up the hills and all had great finishes!! Well done everyone! Racing isn't easy and it's not for the faint of heart- every time you put yourself on a start line, my heart swells with pride and anticipation as you demand your bodies to put your training to the test. You guys inspire and amaze me each and every time. In my mind, there is no failure in racing- period. There is starting and finishing and giving your best in between! First or last means nothing to me, compared to the dedication and strength you put out on those trails and giving it your best every single time!! Way to go Wapiti Racers!! :') (that's me shedding a tear of pride and awe at each and every one of you out there today!)

Okay enough warm and fluffy... it's rest week/race week for the seniors. Juniors, you guys have been working hard too and deserve a fun evening. The seniors have cooked up a ski team experience that you will all enjoy I'm sure. Bring your headlamps!

Tuesday: Classic- 45 min to 1 hour only. SENIORS: have your skate skis waxed and ready to go with rex blue on them BEFORE 5:45. JUNIORS: bring your sense of adventure that you all had on Saturday and we'll have a great time!:) Supper for seniors only (sorry juniors but as it's the first race of the year I need the seniors to be a bit more focused then usual so I they do the least amount of burpies as possible this weekend!)

Thursday: Seniors- we're on the road. Juniors- you will be skate skiing unless it's colder than -15oC (check the temperature- link below by 5pm) then it'll be classic. Remember if it's -20oC you're still skiing, if it's -21oC then it's too cold (I think we've probably decided -25 for the future but as this is your rest week too I'll give you a break).

Friday: Seniors- meet at the Canmore ski lodge ready to ski for 1pm. Make sure that you've eaten your lunch.

Saturday: Seniors race. Juniors- 2 hour skis- classic. It's going to be cold so dress warmly!

Sunday: Seniors race. Juniors- go for a ski with your families if you can. Even if it's for 30-45 minutes.