Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Nov 19-26, 2012.

Saw the results on zone 4! Way to go racers!! We still have two weeks til Canmore so we will use what we can to make a few changes to get you racing and ready as we can be!:)

Tuesday: classic- we will be separate for all of practice. Seniors we will be working on surprise. Being a head lamp. Juniors you will be working on technique again and getting that classic technique down pact.

Thursday: skate- everyone will be working on electric avenue in full for the seniors and the upper part for the juniors.

Saturday: Classic skiing. Juniors with Claire. Seniors laps of the lower 5 only with Ken. Will discuss details on Saturday. Bring snacks and water bottles.

Seniors- register for Canmore please and make sure you register in the right age groups!