Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Dec 30-Jan 2, 2011

Hey Crew!

Change of plans for today, Thursday, December 30 we will be inside doing our fitness test. Am not sure how the chin-ups are going to work out but we will figure out something. Show up ready to do some yoga and our fantastic fitness testing!:) We will also talk about the race for Saturday.

Friday: Is our ski team New Year's Eve Party. I didn't receive any negative responses regarding this so am thinking that everyone is on board and ready to whoop it up... ok, just kidding. I will need a few family members to brings some snacks, Alton/Janes are in charge of entertainment and I will bring the punch- not literally for this evening.:) Please make a note below as to what you're bringing and to let me know if you're able to come or not.

Saturday: Race day... it's a pursuit and the weather is supposed to be warming up!:) Yay!

I also need those of you who are interested in more training days in the week to contact me so that we can set up your training plans for the coming weeks. See you tonight,