Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Jan 31- Feb 6

Well done everyone in Edmonton!!! Way to race crew!

Tuesday: Easy group ski. Recover from great racing on Saturday and a great training day on Sunday. Davis and Elmer will lead this- I only ask that you work on your technique up and down the hills and I don't care what you do in between. Circuit from 5:45-6. Classic from 6-7. I will be meeting with the parents who went to Edmonton during this time.:)

Thursday: Circuit training followed by Skate technique session and a few intervals. On snow til 6:45. Consider this a rest week and starting next week we will be working on a build week again.

Saturday: Skate continuous, non-stop skiing. Skiing at threshold (ask someone on the team if this doesn't make sense to you). Juv/Juniors will do Centre blue and then electric ave (lower) until 1.5 hours is up; MM/M will do South Blue and then electric avenue until your 1.0 hours is up. Happy skiing and again, you all did a great job.

Homework: I had to miss much of your amazing game that Cori created and so therefore don't know your 3 things from Saturday's race. Please either email it to me, post it on the blog, or write it out and give it to me by Thursday. This is a tool that you and I can both learn from and is very important to you reaching your racing goals that you set out for yourself this year!

Yay to warmer weather and not too warm... :)