Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Feb 28-March 5

It's Finals Time!!! All your hard work comes down to this coming weekend and the next with the loppet (some it's nationals)!! Training this past weekend was fantastic, thank you everyone for being so great!!! :)

Tuesday: Mama Cori will have food for us this evening!! Thank you Mama Cori!! We still need a dessert though please!!

  • 45 min lesson/ski
  • waxing/prepping skate skis with Rex Blue
  • eating Mama Cori's amazing supper
  • leaving by 7:30
Thursday: Travel to Jasper/Edmonton
Friday: Leaving by 7am; arriving in Canmore by 12 for lunch; skiing your 5km race course (or whichever distance you are racing).
Saturday: Race your hearts out!
Sunday: Wear amazing new race suits and race your team hearts out! :) 

Yeehaww to out last Alberta Cup!!!:)