Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of March 28th- April 3

Reminder: Goals were due last Thursday. I have received 2/15. These goals were to be what you have in mind for next year and over the summer. I will be meeting with parents on April 6th at the lodge to discuss plans for spring/summer/next year and need this info please. The 31st is my absolute last day.

Tuesday: Skate- I am not sure how the snow is but we will be in the stadium for technique stuff followed by more technique stuff!:) YAY!!!

Thursday: Skate- Random BIKINI/SWIMWEAR ski adventure. We will be using revolutions. Is there a parent who can watch/ski with Mika for this day please?

Saturday: Skate- details to be discussed on Thursday regarding this day as it's pending how much snow we are losing/day. As well, waxing for summer will take place. Bring your race skis, wax remover, warm glide wax and some rockin' music so that we can get those skis ready for summer.

Windup Party.... I have asked for feedback regarding this, is April 8/9th our weekend??? Please respond below for this.