Pre Training Health Assessment Form

August 29-September 4

Homework is due this week. See my emails.

Register for your race license. Do it now before you forget.:)

DGLITW is Sunday- setup Friday (see emails), register and show up! I'm doing the 10km, Mika is racing too...

Beckie Scott training camp in Athabasca (with a new guest coach) will be in September. Keep your eyes open for emails.

Tuesday and Thursday we will be out at the lodge this week. Bring yourself, your water bottle and be prepared to sweat. A lot. :)

With fitness test out of the way, I will be putting them together with your previous year's results and sending it out via email. Everyone did really well and be proud of yourself for doing it. Love yourself for where your fitness level is at and embrace that you will be getting fitter, much fitter in the coming weeks. :) Yahoo!!!:) I am working on 6 week cycles and so you will be noticing that we will not be using poles or any skiing paraphernalia for the first cycle. Why you ask? We need to get your fitness levels up more before we throw in some equipment.

I will be meeting with athlete and parent next week pre or post workouts to discuss goals. Be there. This is how I make my training plans for you guys. I will also be giving you personalized training plans that don't include JUST working out on Tuesday's and Thursday's for you to follow and for you to achieve your goals. These goals are therefore very important to think about when you're writing them down. If you want to be going to the Olympics in 3 years, think VERY carefully about it because I'll help you get there!!! ;) See you at the lodge!!!