Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Oct 31-Nov 6, 2011.

We are into week 11 of our 12 week cycle!! What does this mean you ask? Well, it means a few things... 1) this is our hardest week of working out to date= why you ask? Because your body can handle it and you are just that fit!! 2) Next week is a rest week- which means easier workouts and time to let your bodies recover. AND 3) You guys get to pick what the workout is going to be on Thursday. Yup- that's right you get to pick. HOWEVER... it's going to be hard and fun of course!!! So come to practice on Tuesday ready to give your idea of what we should do on Thursday. (IDEAS: pairs cardio; 100's; hills with poles; bag of goodies; large circuit; random adventure run.... oh the list goes on!) 

Tuesday: MEET AT MUSKOSEEPI.  This will be our last workout (I'm hoping anyhow) here. Bring your water bottle and LOTS of energy!:)

Thursday: Meet at the lodge for... whatever you guys end up picking.:)

Saturday: Roller skiing if the pavement is dry. We will meet at 10:00-12. If the pavement is wet because of snow!! Then we will meet at the old lodge- bring your short poles for running. Same times.

Have a great Halloween AND don't over do it on the candy please!!!! :S