Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Feb 13-19, 2012

Congratulations Crew on an amazing weekend of racing, officiating, cheering, chaperoning, waxing and coaching. Somehow, you all figured out a way to get to the games and it was awesome running into you or waxing for you over the weekend. We even had a guest appearance from Rachel!:)

So, I realize that the majority of you will be busy handing out your autographs tomorrow- rest up, drink lots of water to help you flush out your muscles... as we have a lot of work left to do!

Tuesday: Technique day- classic stuff. Dress more warmly than you usually do for whatever the temperature is as we need to bare down and get your technique perfect!

Thursday: Skate day. Waxing party to follow- not sure if supper will be involved or not...

Friday: Travel to Drayton Valley/wherever we are staying.

Saturday: Race Super-duper hard: Classic
Distances: Mika 1.2k; MM 3k; M 4k; Juv 5k; Jun 7.5; Davis 10k; Cori 10k; Claire 0k.

Sunday: Race even more Super-duper hard: Skate
Distances: Mika 0.6k; MM 3k; M 3.75k; Juv 7.5k; Jun 7.5k; Dave 10k; Cori 10k; Claire 0k.

Great job everyone!!