Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 19-March 25.

WOW!! Checking out results on Zone 4 for everyone who's abroad and for our KISS (Keep It Simple Svensgaard- great one JIM!) locals... I'm impressed!! I was sleeping whilst you folks were all out racing your hearts out today!! :) Usually, when it's the last few weeks of training we're out goofing around- BUT, seeing as SharkFest is still our focus- we have intervals, hills- up and down, sprints, distance and work to do- hence why I was sleeping this morning!!:) Serious, I was... anyhow- Am really impressed over all. Actually, am really just overwhelming proud of you lot this year and all that you have accomplished. You should all be proud of yourselves for your skiing accomplishments over this year!! Ok, enough mush...

For this week the weather is supposed to cooperate with us and stay cold so we will be skating- classic without a track is hard and I don't need any klister fights (right Nick and Elmer) in the wax room. :) Skate on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday should also be skate and we may have to have it earlier in the morning depending on what the weather is going to do by then.

Year End Party- what you all have been looking forward too!! The highlight of the year... the best moment... ok- you get the drift... is going to be set for THURSDAY, APRIL 5th. 5:30pm start. There is a plan in the making regarding this so keep your emails open for updates on 'the plan'. Muahahahahah.... IF you can't make it- please let me know asap as it makes a difference in 'the plan'. It's set for the 5th as the 6th is a holiday for everyone so I thought it would make life easier and parents less stressed about their athlete not getting their homework done... Questions/comments- please let me know. :)