Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of September 24 - September 30

WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?! The geese are flying like winter is coming tomorrow and I was in a tank top and shorts all day and this is the last week of September already!!

I'm working you all right now like you haven't been training all summer and you're all showing me that you have been! Which is fantastic... so I'm going to increase the workload as it seems that you can handle it. :) Or so I think! If there's any issues let me know otherwise I'm going to keep on trucking and yelling!

Tuesday: Meet at the lodge- if you get there before 5:30 start by doing a minute of chin-ups on the bar (help each other out) and work your way through (there's 10-12 of you so you can figure it out). IF you don't get to the chin-up bar BEFORE practice then you'll be doing it at the end!:) Bring a water bottle and yoga mat if you have one and I'll be bringing the tunes and the fun!

Thursday: Meet at the Muskoseepi pavilion 5:30 sharp. We'll be working from one spot just bring water bottles and happy attitude please!:)

Saturday: *(not for the junior team) Meet at the church between Pinnacle and Westpointe for roller skiing- bring helmet, poles, boots, water, bright coloured shirt and fast energy!

*A few members of the Junior Race Team (9-11 yrs) will be starting with the team this week please be aware that you all need to be on your best behaviour or I'll be dishing out burpies!!!:)