Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Oct 28-Nov 4.

THERE'S SNOW!!! And so we are now on the skiing training times. Tuesday and Thursday on snow for 5:45pm; Saturday's 10-12. We will begin working out on Wednesday's (drop in) at the gym, beginning on Nov 7th. 

I will be officially late every session- parents, if you wish to speak with me, you will need to book me in advance and it will be scheduled for after practice. 

Skis- the snow is great and set beautifully! Mika's put on 2.5 hours this weekend already and raring to go. I hope the same for the rest of you!!

Tuesday and Thursday at the lodge. We will continue to train together (junior and senior) for the most part for the next week as we get used to being on snow. Please be prepared for classic skiing on Tuesday and Skate skiing on Thursday!

Saturday: at the lodge and I will be there for 2 hours of weather permitting, classic.

Please note that I am still having technical difficulties in getting the calendar on the blog. It's a work in progress. I will email out a copy tonight and please just bare with me.