Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 10-16, 2012.

WOW!!! Great job racing today everyone, great job with the waxing as well... but where is the time going?! Looking back over the past few months I've seen a HUGE transition between the junior team and the senior team. I have seen the juniors stepping up into their roles as athletes, taking responsibility, maturing beyond where they were when they started on the team and supporting everyone! I love it! I have also seen the seniors coming along nicely (thank you juniors) to being more responsible as well and taking on their role of mentoring the juniors in a way that is beyond what I had imagined. I'm super proud of all of you and proud to be your coach. So thank you, each and everyone of you! You are an important individual on this amazing team of cross country racers!!

Waxing notes: you guys rock and I have full expectation that skis are going to be fast for training!:)
  • A note to seniors... there were some sticky skis out there yesterday AFTER our waxing clinic. Please take note on the importance of cleaning your skis properly! Sides included. Consider yourselves informed and if at a race and your skis aren't waxed- you'll know why.  
  • A note to juniors... please remind the seniors to clean the sides of their skis!;)
As you all noted yesterday, Santa was out training his reindeer a few evenings ago and left a trail behind him... please do not help yourself until a) you've checked with a parent and b) practice is over completely! :) Enjoy!

The World Cup is happening in Canmore!!! YAYYYYY!!! I'm so excited to go and watch these races! That aside- there is a significant portion of the race team attending this awesome event so practice will be scarce. For those of you attending the World Cup- go to: and read up on all the tidbits about the events. IE: NO PARKING UP ON SITE... MUST TAKE A BUS... There is really important info re: scheduling etc. Text me/call me (780) 933-0853 if you need help to get up there or while there. And don't forget to bring your skis for the young athletes race on Friday!

Tuesday: Intervals and I've given up trying to figure out the weather, so we're going to go with the skis that you waxed LF6 on (skate for those of you with a good, short memory:) ) UNLESS the temperature drops below -15, then we will be classic skiing... expect hills and lots of them! 

Thursday: No official practice for the seniors... I believe there will only be 4 athletes maybe available- go for a ski (minimum of an hour and in zone 3). Juniors: what's left of you also, you will go for a ski with Colin or Jake(?) and work hard for this workout. I recommend going for a ski around 1/2 moon by headlamp with no stopping, followed by a full loop of the lower electric avenue. This is a good workout and according to the Environment Canada (insert sarcasm here: it's been SO accurate as of late)- classic will be perfect... :S

Saturday: Long Steady Distance: Classic with poles! Bring water and snacks and head on up to ski Centre Blue. Have a great weekend and we will see you on the 18th!