Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 7-13, 2013.

Before I forget AGAIN... I have leftovers from the yoga evening: Roots jogging pants; a grey yoga mat and a brown Valhalla Pure water bottle. Please let me know if it's yours!

It's race week!! :D Everyone, bare with the chaos and please be patient as we all share and learn the ropes of race week preparations. Please email me with any questions and please come with the itinerary of the team in mind. I will need to know well before practice on Tuesday or Thursday if any athletes need to leave early etc, as the team will need full support from each athlete to help you guys prepare and ensure that we haven't forgotten anything for this trip.

Tuesday: Classic. After practice everyone will be cleaning off their classic skis to help Thursday flow more smoothly. IF you have time, please stay and put on some Rex Blue. On Thursday, I will be picking the base race wax to be applied as well.

Thursday: Skate. After practice (30-45 min) we will be going into the lodge. You will be paired up with junior to senior and each will help with waxing. Seniors- speed and precision is of the essence. If there are any concerns please check with me. If your wax job isn't the best that you can do, your skis won't be the best that they can be for your race!

Friday: Arrive at ski lodge in Drayton Valley ready to ski for 2:00pm. We will aim for a reservation at Boston Pizza for 5:30pm. I will meet with the team around 8:30pm that evening to go over the next day's race plan. Please remember your goals.

Saturday: Alberta Cup 3- Skate technique; mass start.

Sunday: Alberta Cup 4- Classic technique; individual start.