Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Feb 19-Feb 24

It's Western's Week!!

Tuesday: Classic- Seniors- practice from 5:45-6:30; Juniors- practice from 5:45-7 (Colin/Jake either of you available to go with this group please?) Seniors: after practice you will need to clean your classic skis off, wax your skates and classics with Rex blue and pack up the truck as we will be taking most of the gear to my garage to wax in over the weekend.

Thursday: There is no practice for the juniors. Seniors- meet at Muskoseepi pavilion with your running shoes on for a team run. This run will be 30 min. 5:45-6:15. I will then text you all the ins and outs of Friday after the coaches meeting which is at 7:00pm.

Friday: Skate race

Saturday: Classic race

Sunday: Skate Race

Juniors: Please remember if you're volunteering for this exciting event to please wear your race jackets and represent the ski team for us as we race our hearts out!!! Thank you parents and athletes for helping out and putting on this awesome event!!!